Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oh Dark Thirty In Pictures

I was off but I woke up early that night so Cheyenne and I went into town to be alone together. Every traffic light I met was red, and stayed red with no cross traffic. As I approached Simonton Beach to park the Fusion I was ready to run a light just to prove a point. I am so middle class I wouldn't dare.
We wandered around and I took a few pictures of the emptiness of Key West before six in the morning.
Flagler Station on Caroline Street:
Cuban Joe's Marine Store looking with it's mast like a ship in the night.
Greene Street.
Cheyenne tugging my leash behind her.
It was as peaceful as I've seen Key West, and then the sun came up.


Martha said...

Wonder why your lights don't go on blink? Our traffic lights go on yellow/red blink mode at 9:30PM (9 or 9:30- I forget). I probably would have done as you did and waited all alone in the dark...

Conchscooter said...

I am conditioned to wait. Makes me crazy. We need looped traffic lights

Lori Fallon said...

Hi Conchscooter! I just started reading your blog and am curious as to what you do for a living?

We will be visiting Key West in May for a week and will be staying at Poinciana Place on Whitmarsh Lane. We are very excited to be staying in Old Town as in the past we stayed in New Town.


Conchscooter said...

I work nights in the Key West police 911 center. Year round work, lots of time off, which I haven't been having lately during Spring break, and I usually get called asshole at least once a night by some fine upstanding intoxicated citizen who has lost a car/dog/spouse/wallet. I live up the Keys a half hour and commute by motorcycle which dissipates the stress. Somewhat. Taking pictures works too.
Enjoy your vacation and remember:"Don't call 911 if you don't know where you are!" Except I can usually figure that out if you work with me a bit.