Monday, May 19, 2014

Veterans Park Without Words

My life is not my own this week as we close in on the final epic struggle to sort through our crap, discard the overdue and decide that which can be stored in our handy new loft, and that which can be used in our spacious new home. Consequently not only are my profundities on this page being displaced, but my dog's walks are being cut a little short from time to time. Luckily it's too hot for Cheyenne to want to spend long hours strolling this time of year...but I am disappointed in myself that I am spread too thin. Next  week we should be installed and celebrating our new comforts and things should get back to normal.

The inside of the tiki hut, with enterprising graffiti in the rafters:

The palm tree I photographed in many different lights last week:
 Towards Marathon, the light poles mark the course of the Seven Mile Bridge:
 Seven Mile Bridge

After we left Veterans Park next to the Seven Mile Bridge we back tracked to a small parking area where boats are launched to fish Big Spanish Channel near Big Pine Key.

I am not fond of blogs with little to say and lots of pictures so I cannot wait for things to settle down for a stretch of being myself again.


the timekeeper said...

on time

Trobairitz said...

Hopefully things will settle down and return to routine soon.

I always figure my readers didn't want to read too much and just look at the pics so I've started putting up more pics and less narrative. Sorry. :-)

Conchscooter said...

The narrative helps me focus on the pictures. I like to think of what I will write as I take the picture, one gives the other meaning. Then sometimes it's just pictures and other times it's just words. Facebook and instagram are just pictures which isn't enough for me.