Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunset Over Key West Harbor

The Top, what was once my preferred sunset perch at the top of  La Concha is gone. But thanks to my friend Gary I have discovered his preferred perch to watch the sun go down.
 It is not apparently widely known or much appreciated so he asked me not to disclose the exact location.
He and his charming family enjoy this spot when they come to spend their summers in Key West. I too liked it very much, as did my wife who plans to return with her new Kermit chair.

 This pictures are for Gary and family making the long drive back home to Middle Earth for another year.
 And for their dog Pig left home to enjoy the solitude of a house sitter.

While we were enjoying the view some poor boaters were being inspected by the Coastguard seen above as a speck of blue light between the Sunset and Christmas Tree Islands.
Good spot Gary and thank you. It was a splendid evening.


Garythetourist said...

Thank YOU my friend. It was, indeed, a splendid evening. You and your lovely wife were a joy to be with, and we're already looking forward to doing it again.
On the road again...
Gary, Barbara, Mary Beth and Caroline.

Anonymous said...


Trobairitz said...

Pretty colors.

I think Gary was entrusting you to his secret spot so you can keep it safe until he returns.