Monday, September 15, 2014

Elizabeth Street By Night

I was out early in the morning with Cheyenne and the moon was full and there's something irresistible about a full moon, so...
I think part of the irresistible nature of photographs that include the full moon come from the architecture in Old Town Key West that lends itself to the ghostly image of a cloudy full moon night. Even when including such banal props as a bicycle, a road barricade and something as modern as a car.
This old house at the intersection of Elizabeth and Angela and Windsor near Solares Hill is getting a make over after years of sitting there empty and forgotten. Frankly it's really getting rebuilt as there isn't much more than a shell left standing
 I love pointing my camera down Elizabeth Street toward Truman in the dark. I muted the colors slightly to get a more evocative tone from the play of shadows and light, after the rain. 
 Key West loves it's picket fences.

 And the balconies with ceilings painted blue. They say its to discourage insects and some say that he original blue paint formula from  decades ago included some kind of insecticide component.
 This house with the wildly colored paint job is always good for a photograph. 
 Oops! There's the moon again!

 And that's a street light looking the other direction on Elizabeth Street.
 Small cars make big sense in Old Town.
Cheyenne walked for 90 minutes, a winter marathon for my 13 year old Labrador. It was cool and breezy after the rain before the sun came up and she was full of energy. I can't imagine her first eight years before she was sent to the pound, no walks, no road trips in the car, total boredom. 


George Collins said...

Wonderful photos, thanks. I always love your shots of Old Town Key West at night. Hope all is well, cheers.

Diana Millikan said...

Please do Carstens Lane. There's one conch cottage in particular that I'd like to see you photo capture its emptiness status.

Conchscooter said...

okey doke