Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Key West's Palm Reader

The news item below comes from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, a country noted for oil exploration, carnival celebrations and lively newspapers, in the British tradition. The news from this newspaper is surprising and shocking. Not that I go in for palmistry but he was a fixture on Duval Street and now he's dead. As much as it's a cliche, you really don't know when your time is up, so act accordingly.

Florida man killed in San Fernando

By Trevor Watson

FAMED Hindu palm reader Mahadeo Jerrybandhan was shot and killed in an apparent robbery attempt at his family's home in San Fernando last night.

Jerrybandhan, a resident of Key West Florida, was shot in a bedroom of his son's home at Cooper Street, where he was vacationing.

Family members said they heard a single shot at around 9.30p.m. and found Jerrybandhan dead. It is suspected that the killer hid in an overgrown lot across the road from family house.

Jerrybandhan, 74, lived at Key West, Florida, and was a respected and much sought after palmist.

The Police Service issued a statement today, making no reference to the murder, but reported responding to a shooting, and finding a loaded gun and marijuana at a nearby pan yard.

The Police Service stated: Around 11:30 pm on Monday 8th September 2014, a party of police officers attached to the Southern Division under the supervision of Constable Richardson was on mobile patrol when they received information relative to a report of shooting at Cooper Street, San Fernando. The officers immediately responded and upon reaching in the vicinity of Pleasantville Avenue, Pleasantville they became suspicious of an opened pan yard gate. The officers made checks in the area and carried out a search on the premises. Subsequently the officers found one black plastic bag containing one Revolver with six rounds of ammunition and a plastic bucket containing a black bag with several packets of Marijuana weighing 3.76kg with an estimated street value of $56,400.00 dollars. Enquires are continuing. 

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