Saturday, November 1, 2014


...all except the bit about the soap in the mouth. I was a very well spoken child usually. And I do need roads like these from time to time: 


Trobairitz said...

I like that quip too. We had it good as kids.

Things are too sanitized and regulated/electronic. Go outside and play shouldn't mean take your video games outside.

Bryce Lee in Canada said...

I have ten years and a bit on you Mike, however like you feel we had a much better unsanitized happier upbringing. And being from where you were birthed also had some form of direction as to who you are now. Still agree, none of us became ill drinking from the rubber hose as opposed to some form of plastic garden hose nor did we ever succumb to the temptation of eating more soap when we would utter any four letter words.

The world is a far less happy and more regimented world than what we experienced. And coming from a place north and across an international border can well
understand the differences, even more than when you emigrated here.

Green glade and motorcycle, so very pleasant and removed from our world of today.

Dar said...

I remember going out to play all day, coming back for lunch, racing off to see friends again and then coming home at supper. I was a tomboy, usually filthy dirty and extremely happy. Miss those days, I gave them as much as I could when my child was little and then teenagerdom hit and then it was the age of electronics. Sigh.

Conchscooter said...

We remember it that way, and I wonder what kids growing up now will remember.