Sunday, November 30, 2014

The King's Head

Half a dozen miles north of St Augustine, alongside a four lane stretch of Highway One there is a big red double decker bus. It marks a roadside haven.

I need to stop whining about the hole left by a recently closed Irish pub in Key West, so spending a couple of hours here could be considered bittersweet.

The owner's daughter was ruling the roost, a cheerful presence we had met on a previous visit and she served me my Old Speckled Hen, and brought us a Cornish pasty to share.

My wife tried one of the mixed drinks, not the kind you imagine, but a mixture in this case of beer and cider, I believe they call it a snakebite. Because it is intoxicating but she suffered no ill effects.

The pasty does the job but it's not as innovative as the Irish foods Finnegan's used to put out. The afternoon sun filled the space with a glowing warmth. I could have sat for hours doing nothing much but we had a hotel room to check in, and our dog snoring in the car needed a walk.

So we took Cheyenne downtown, where we walked around enjoying the lights, the clean streets...

...the absence of drunks, and the overwhelming numbers of happy families enjoying a stress free night out.

I wonder if Key West could pull this off?


Danette Baltzer said...

It comes at the cost of being really conservative though. You know the sort... You know I loved Saint Augustine but the politics were quickly apparent when we talked to a friend there. Anti-gay and very right wing. It seems there is no common sense in some places. I feel we're coming to our senses here- maybe?

I have missed you on Facebook but understand why you have abandoned it. I would too if I didn't need to administer the page for my work. And that takes so much energy that now I am neglecting my own blogging! boo!

Conchscooter said...

I rather think you are right. The chaos of Key West comes at me unfiltered at work and I think sometimes I have difficulty remembering that not everyone' slide revolves around 911 calls!