Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Gift

I read with some horror of the temperatures Up North.

Rest assured, there are places on the planet where all is not reduced to single digit temperatures.

Indeed, lounging in the living room, contemplating going to work tonight, a wild windy chilly scooter ride...

Cool enough and windy enough I don't want to open everything up. I'd have to put on a shirt or something equally drastic if I slid the deck access open and let the afternoon all the way in.
The front door wide open, listening to the breeze in the palm fronds outside... 65 degrees and sunny.

I started this as a gift to those laboring under gray skies, in gray frost, but it ended up as a gift to me. The Florida Keys keep on giving.


Bryce Lee said...

BTW are you and your family settled and happy in your new home months later?
As for the weather; suspect it is all about what your internals are able to endure.

Conchscooter said...

We are happy in our new home thanks for asking. Cheyenne still climbs the stairs on her own and gets to sunbathe on the south facing deck. I endure nothing less than 70 degrees (21C).