Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wrapping Up For Winter

"Hmm," I said to my fellow dispatchers last night as we settled in for another night of jollity at work, "it says here people are digging out from under several  feet of snow today in New England." In Key West it's brisk enough to require wool hats and sweaters to fend off hypothermia.
"Sucks to be them," Nick and Kristi replied in unison. With temperatures under 70 degrees all week taking a hot shower has become something of a trial here in Key West, so a quick scan of the online news between 911 calls is a good way to stay abreast of true suffering. Around here true suffering is when you have to wear a  fleece with your shorts as you check out breakfast at Pepe's.
I overheard a woman (not pictured) telling some people she'd just met in Key West how she and her husband were sick of Illinois winters but he has a good job etc...etc...And that sort of talk puzzles me. 
Aren't those the people that like seasons? I saw this guy dressed like half the Michelin man wearing socks too so you know it's cold. I thought of Shannon who got a deal on some kind of huge puffy parka when she worked in a clothing store. It's her standard outfit she says when temperatures plummet.
You know its cold around here when Cheyenne puts in two solid hours hiking around downtown and she tries top delay the return trip  by pretending to be exhausted. She gets lots of sympathy from snowbirds, poor old thing, and they cluck and pet her and she takes her tribute. I read my book on my phone until Princess is ready to move on.
And its not just sympathetic snowbirds who make a fuss of my dog. Homeless dudes sometimes find comfort in her soft fur and compliant attitude.  That cold north wind is evidenced by the hoody.
And so we see why exactly the absence of seasons is just perfect as we look across  brightly sunlit Mallory Square as the hardy Northerners admire the monument to the USS Maine as though drenched in summer heat while the flags flap sturdily in the northeast breeze blowing across the city.
This cold snap is supposed to persist into the weekend when daytime highs will revert to 80 degrees and nighttime lows will be around 70 degrees. Can't come too soon for me though I'm sure Cheyenne would disagree.


Trobairitz said...

Must be so hard to take that kind of weather.

We actually have sunshine today, but it is a balmy 55˚. As pretty as the colder states are I don't think I could live anywhere colder than Oregon temps.

Garythetourist said...

Ahhh, Pepe's for breakfast. Their "creamed chipped beef" and their potato pancake....not exactly the most tropical breakfast on the island but, ohhhh, I do love it.