Sunday, February 1, 2015

Walking Key West

A stretch of lovely summer days have inflicted themselves upon us, some windy, some less so: 
I never tire of primary colors on Key West streets, especially under the dark blue dome of a cloudless sky. I have, quite honestly lost track of all the transformations of this unhappy restaurants location. I have no supernatural beliefs to fall back on, but if I did, I'd say this place is cursed. Lots of interesting restaurants have come and gone.
 This is Key West in winter:
A colleague of mine just returned from a family outing to Fairbanks, Alaska where his married daughter has set up home, about as far from here as possible. A native of New Jersey he seems to have developed a fresh affinity for snow and stood there talking about minus 20 degrees being "not too bad." He also claimed groceries were cheaper and gas was barely more expensive than Key West which was surprising to me. However Fairbanks doesn't look like this:   
Sometimes the grass tends to look greener away from Key West, all the high prices, bums, endless debates in the newspaper about bicycles and iguanas and leaf blowers and and parking and all that stuff. Then you wake up on a 61  degree morning and wish you were wearing socks in bed and you realize you just aren't cut out for life Up North.
Then you see a porch, a bicycle, two chairs and one shoe, and your mind starts to ask questions to which there are no satisfactory answers.
I wonder how often I have walked past this well worn mailbox on Petronia Lane (which is not Petronia Street, and is not in Bahama Village) and not ever noticed it.
There is always something to look at on this tiny island. Blue skies, green leaves year round and warm sunshine on yellow homes.
Bill Butler Park at this angle looks to me like something exotic, southeast Asian perhaps or from a movie I very much liked the  1996 version of "Victory" from Joseph Conrad's novel:
It had shortcomings in plot development especially if you parse the wordy novel and look at the movie as a film of the novel rather than a piece of art on its own, but for me the moody atmosphere of the Indonesian island, the oily flat sea, the menace of the plot, it all struck a chord. Besides I like Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill and Rufus Sewell. Balcnies, angled rooflines and tall palms. Hmm, Key West or Surabaya?
Victory: An Island Tale 
And here we are back to reality, indoor outdoor living and a curious dog:
 No, no fog needed, no snow for ambient effect, sunshine suits me:


Trobairitz said...

I certainly enjoy seeing all your sunshine pictures during the winter.

Heff said...

I really enjoy your view of Key West every morning from my cold Hudson Valley home. Love seeing the back road of the keys and Cheyenne's view of the word

Lori said...

Well...we are currently waiting for our next storm here in Queensbury, NY. My May trip to Key West cannot get here soon enough but your beautiful photos do help.

Thanks - Lori

Conchscooter said...

Key west will be waiting. May is one of the best times to visit as the ocean is warm enough to swim, schools aren't out and summer visitors aren't here yet.