Thursday, March 19, 2015

Industrial Art

On a recent trip up north my wife went shopping and I was let loose with my camera, my ceaseless thoughts and my dog. Not necessarily in that order. Coming across the wreckage if a pay phone I was tempted by the gods of irony, a photo of the outmoded phone by the modern pocket model. A phone book? Hmm, Google works much better...

Target for Cheyenne is much less of an experience than your average small town store. Far fewer food particles for an inquisitive Labrador to hunt down. And these unconsidered trifles require much harder work.

I was amazed by the size and scope if this glass wall. These bricks used to be desirable collectors objects in some places I lived, cool symbols of a different era.

Target went to town with them.

Call me mad but the back areas of the mall looked Art Deco inspired to me.

All was not lost for my dog, never one to give up the hunt.

It's not Miami Beach, but the colors and shapes inspired me.

Perhaps I've been spending too much time in the Keys where fortresses like this are nowhere to be found ( happily).

Life sprouts in the unlikeliest places:

We took off across the parade ground to take the fort by storm...


Bizarre looking, toadstools of modern fire fighting utility, all properly labeled.

"Vision Drives Us. Passion Defines Us." When a mall management company uses this kind of slogan you know vision and passion have reached the peak of their over use, and soon management Gurus will find some new fake marketing emotion to drive us crazy with a new manufactured "passion."

Sometimes Labradors over do it and then they have to rest.

That's okay by me, I can enjoy sitting for a spell. I have a smart phone loaded with books; try reading a book on your pay phone.



Trobairitz said...

I like the colors in that first pic. The lonely phone booth goes so well with the wall color.

I clicked the link and I can't find place to give your podcasts 5 stars. My iMac doesn't always show pages properly though.

Bryce Lee said...

Interesting you Targetted Target. The company tried to enter Canada and has failed, and is now leaving. Leaving some 16,000 people uunemployed, and some 150 large in terms of floor area locations empty.

Like others who have tried and failed retail in Canada is so vastly different
than in the United States.

Even Wal-Mart is cautious when expanding here; many reasons.

Guess you, your wife and Cheyenne are enroute to the North Carolina mountains for a vacation...enjoy. Spring arrives in a few days so they tell us.

Conchscooter said...

Podcast pursuit is killing me. I love doing my blog because I rely on me. ITunes is vexing.