Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Is Springing

It's the time of year when folks Up North look for a new budding season. Down south we look for a little breathing room, less traffic, fewer lines in stores and restaurants and warm water swimming. And then there's the sport, not of Kings but of the people. Which, it turns out is not always a winning proposition.

The names of the authors of the two stories are Cooke, which resonates when you remember the local daily is owned by Cooke Communications. Baseball is huge among Conchs, the island's undercover passion. It brings out the best among youngsters and sometimes the worst among their over eager parents...I have no sporting pretensions in my blood but I am grateful the paper exists to support the baseball habit among its owners. Sorry they lost, but the front page is still worth reading.



Trobairitz said...

I've never understood some people's fanaticism with sports.

Sure it is a game and takes some skill, but the amount the athletes are paid and the zealous actions of fans surprise me.

Luckily our television doesn't get sports. The same way my car radio does not play Elvis. :-)

Richard M said...

+1 to what Brandy said.

So much time and effort for sports. CCJon just posted a summary of a trip in Central America that almost didn't occur due to a war that started over a soccer game.

Conchscooter said...

Great stuff. We should form a team.