Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Home Sweet Home


Stock Island has its moments and its places. Above I saw a row of neatly parked covered jet skis. Wholesale jet skis. That struck me as slightly bizarre until I remembered they rent these things. Wholesale sales for fleets I suppose. Only on Stock Island. 
Then you have Oily's shop. My wife likes bringing her Fiat here as she grew up in California and Mike came to Key West from Santa Barbara, so they have that in common. Mike relives his youth with his muscle cars. Imagine cruising the other Highwsy One in those primary colored toys. And then there are the dreams of childhood still being created on Stock Island:
Mind you this is a place that makes no concessions to beauty. Joy is how you make it under the Christmas Tree of wires overhead:
Remember, dogs are only as bad as their owners make them.  People are bad, dogs don't rob pillage or murder. This one at least isn't trapped on a chain. Cheyenne ignored him of course. 
I loved this truck. "Runs good." I posted it on Facebook because it made me smile. The eternal hope of humanity. Runs good, ungrammatical, probably not true but always hopeful. 
I also posted this picture of a dashboard ornament powered by solar energy. God forbid  we should be encouraged to power our homes with renewable energy. Dashboard ornaments?  No problem!
Sanford is alive and well on Stock Island. This is a front yard, not normal but not a total outlier. This nightmare represents a messed up psyche to me! Perhaps it's just money in the piggy bank.
A friend of mine bought a house on Stock Island. She is over the moon. It's affordable and means a secure future for her dogs no longer threatened by unsympathetic landlords. She and her fiancé and their three dogs are counting the days until they move in. Worker housing.
Stock Island home to some, home to the people who make Key West work. Cool. 

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Trobairitz said...

That poor pooch looks like it might be jealous of your walk with Cheyenne.