Friday, May 29, 2015

Rock Solid Key West

The sun coming up on a few  Key West monuments. The San Carlos long a symbol of  the connection across the sea may get that status back one day. These days anything seems possible, even likely when it comes to Cuba.
The Strand was once a theater, now its just a lovely facade with a banal chain pharmacy inside. Oh well. Nothing possible there.
Fausto's  Food Palace is a survivor in a world of conformity. Still there. LINK
Churches everywhere.
Public laundries. Dog water water bowls too. Helpful institutions both.
Flame trees burning orange to usher in summer.
The pineapple a symboil of welcome in Key West, now framing a godawful cheap ugly plastic Bugger Off sign. Irony and bad taste rolled into one. Keep Key West ugly.
Pineapples were a Keys export on the railroad. Nowadays tropical fruit is standard everywhere but once it was an expensive thing to eat, a luxury. This vehicle has a Key West business on an out of state tag, thus not paying road taxes in the Sunshine  state. Thanks, but not exactly one human family.
Long shadows across what was once a  shrimp fleet harbor.
The view from Alonzo's into what is now a recreational harbor:
Institutions come and go and new ones take their place. A short memory helps.


Cody Goldman said...

went to the san carlos for the first time 2 weeks ago, it is beautiful, the tiles are spectacular. interesting fact - the volunteer told us that it is owned by the Republic of Cuba, it was deeded over in the times of Jose Marti!

Conchscooter said...

Funny that and now, who knows we may get a Cuban consulate back in Key West. I can't wait.