Monday, June 8, 2015

A New Week, A New Walk

Key West is looking good this time of year, lots of sunshine, flame trees blooming orange, puddles of water from recent rains, not too many people in town. It adds up to the beginning of summer before the families get out of school and start their vacations.
This trailer got my attention. The mixture of physical exertion eastern spiritual stuff and hard core fossil fuel burning madness in one set of pictures overwhelmed me. Then I saw the red square of a parking violation. The city doesn't like trailers parked on city streets so they threaten scofflaws with tows. Holy Yoga!
Don's Place on Truman opens for business at seven in the morning. They also allow smoking as they only serve drinks. I cannot imagine what that must taste like after a night's work. Cheyenne got offered a cookie by the dude who staffs the window.  She didn't  waste any time vacuuming it up. She is a pig in a fur coat.
I looked in the mirror outside the gym... I thought the sunglasses on my forehead gave me a particularly debonair look.
Cheyenne took her Zen moment to plunk down in a puddle and drink her bath water. Very refreshing I'm sure.
I came upon this guy waving a scimitar round his head. I think he was trying to sheathe it in its scabbard but for a moment I couldn't figure out what the hell he was doing. His headgear made him resemble the Turkish soldiers in the movie Lawrence of Arabia and the sword just one more weird prop in a town filled with them. I said good morning as we strolled by and he struggled to come up with a suitable rejoinder. Decidedly non compos mentis.
Cheyenne swerved across Virginia Street giving me an opportunity to admire two potentially charming motorcycles currently being allowed to sink under the weight of rust and neglect. The Harley has a spectacularly worn rear tire while the Honda 750, a true classic is rotting away from simple neglect. I wonder what their sad stories are. Better I don't know.
One Human Packer. My Take On Packer Street in 2009. Packer Street is named for a New England family of merchants who moved to Key West and J Wills Burke in his book Streets of Key West speculates they may have been called Parker but their New England accents may have led Conchs to "rename" them as it were.
I like these porch columns on this house. They remind me of California bungalow architecture. How they landed up on Virginia Street in Key West I don't know.
Key West really can be a pretty town in the early morning sun, fresh from a rainfall. 
Fresh Podcast on my other website: Travel And Safety This week GarytheTourist, famous commenter here on this blog, photographer and family traveler. Check him out. 


Garythetourist said...

I listened to the interview. I should have made some stuff up; stuff like going around Africa on a motorcycle with a surfboard or riding a scooter from Alaska to Isla Gordon. Maybe when I'm old and decrepit I'll take a trip around the world on one of those little battery powered scooter chairs and then we'll do the interview again and I'll REALLY have some stories to tell. Heck, maybe you can join me; just think of it as a different kind of scooter. Conchscooter and Geezerscooter off on a grand adventure.....

Anonymous said...

Loved your interview on the Podcast, Garythetourist, especially the bear story! lol I guess you have seen the news reports recently of a bear pulling a boy out of a hammock, and that they have had to close some of the trails in the smokies because of some bears getting aggressive.

Great job with the Podcasts, Conchscooter. Very interesting.

TnGirl here. :)

Conchscooter said...

Sounds terrifying. Tonight I interview a woman from Australia who quit her successful life and traveled around the world. She even lived in the US for a while which should be interesting. Christina Canters for next monday