Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cheyenne's Vacation

I am embarking on my annual summer vacation, which I like to think can be accomplished before the onset of the height of hurricane season, around September/October usually. This year owing to a variety of factors we are not sure what we are doing. Partly our new business is in its critical early birthing stage, our dog is elderly and not as road-trip-worthy as previously and partly also because perhaps after a year of frantic work a stay where we live, itself a desirable vacation destination, sounds relaxing.
In any event if I assemble material to write about I will post essays here. If not, not.
However even though I may be resting from daily toil, I have collected some pictures to post on this page to pass the time until life gets back to normal by about the beginning of August. 
Till then, sporadically yours,


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time away, where ever it may be. You and Cheyenne will be missed. Scooter Vic

Trobairitz said...

Enjoy your staycation/vacation in whatever you choose to do - or not do.

MyamuhNative said...

Have a great vacation!