Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday At The Beach

I was astonished to see no one at Veterans Memorial Park last week well after sunrise. In winter this spot, at the south end of the Seven Mile Bridge is packed, and photographers  often show up to watch the sun show up over Marathon. 
I woke up late, still fighting pneumonia and Cheyenne and I were alone, with the usual epidemic of abandoned footwear. I don't know how people lose their shoes all the time. Mind you, reading the Key West Yard Sale Facebook page you'd be even more astonished how many people manage to lose their dogs. 
 We got back to the car animal and footwear intact.
Another beautiful day in the making, not too hot around 90 degrees with a cool breeze to mitigate the humidity. I know its been the hottest summer on record and I know the west is in major drought and burning up but in the Keys the summer has been perfect. All I have to do is shake off my endless bloody pneumonia.


Dar said...

Michael sorry to hear your still unwell. My hub has a nasty cold & its gone straight to his chest, so we are keeping an eye on it. Feel better. I always wonder where the lone shoe in the road comes from.

Richard Holt said...

About this business of people losing footwear and dogs, I wonder if we're peering through the telescope from the fat end.

Might it not be that the footwear, and the dogs, find themselves short of people?

Might it not be that the people have been abducted by aliens?

The Facebook is out there.