Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hogs Breath Saloon

 I did go to Hog's Breath once to see some stage performances and it was quite good fun.  However i do very poorly at Key West visitors' favorite endeavors: bar hopping and fishing.
I don't much like crowds or noise, I am sports illiterate and have no idea how to make small talk so bars are  just places where beer and stuff costs more. I'm not sure I have this right so perhaps one day I shall steel myself to see why it is millions of people want to come to key West to see this.  
The nerd in me is alive and well so when I see a sign about the past I stop and look and think. Immigrants at work, check that out!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Hog. There will be some great music there all next week! The former manager now owns the Smokin Tuna on Charles Street, my favorite bar on the island. It will also be hopping with parrotheads and great music next week.

By the way, because of your blog, I'll be eating at Sandy's Cafe. Can't wait to try it!

Bob from Livingston Montana