Friday, December 4, 2015

Jack Riepe In Hospital

Jack Riepe just called me and he didn't  sound at all well, which was not surprising as he is in the hospital suffering from what I can only assume are complications from his long running bodily ailments. Jack hates making a fuss but he did tell me it was okay for me to post about this to let others know of his misfortune, holed up at the Community Medical Center in Tom's River New Jersey. 
Piecing together his story as far as I can gather his diabetes got the better of him and he went into a coma, discovered after possibly 24 hours by his brother. From what Jack told me his blood sugar was so far out of whack he is lucky to be alive. 

Jack is indomitable so I suppose one can only stand on the sidelines and watch him recover from this setback. I was reeling as he spoke to me from his hospital bed but his  sense of humor was alive and well in the middle of his recitation of woes with a metaphorical jab at my lack of testicular strength so I was thus certain that the whispered voice on the phone was indeed riepe's.
God speed and swift recovery Jack.

A very  valued friend, more than he realizes. 


Bryce Lee said...

Diabetic problems; know them well from personal experience.
And Jack Reipe laid low by such a problem is what happens when we
either don't follow a strict diet or other matters complicate one's existence.
Given Jack's arthritis and physical size (the latter would give heebee geebies to most diabetic educators) not surprising. As a an even bigger person in terms of height and weight have also attempted to "lose" weight. It does not happen easily especially if one is used to the pleasure of eating, and the lack of exercise.

The collective "we" may only hope and pray Jack recovers in good order humourus and is able to continue as before with his writings and commentary.

Conchscooter said...

Very true. He sounded determined.

David Masse said...

Jack is legendary. My thoughts are with him for a speedy recovery.

BMWVUK said...

I've known Jack for quite some time. I believe I first met him at the BMWMOA Rally in Vermont...I don't think I laughed so hard as I did that weekend. Jack never fails to amuse us. Godspeed Jack...we need you around pal...Besides, Bregstein will get lonely

Dominic Pirocchi said...

Thank you for posting. Saw him last at the 4winds Rally, but missed him at the Finger Lakes Rally. I know he was there and it was his first time. Hope he enjoyed it. He will be in mine and many others' thoughts. Wishing him a speedy recovery!!!

Trobairitz said...

More wishes coming Jack's way for a speedy recovery. I am sure it won't be easy.

Ducdude said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery at a return to happier times. We need Jack to get better soon and to fully recover as he has a host of blogs posts and books to publish. So, he better get to it. :-) Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to Jack.

Anonymous said...

Hi I was checking Jack's blog and was disappointed to not see a new story. After waiting almost two years, I was happy to see a new story about a month ago and then silence again. I like to see how Cheyenne's doing so I pulled up Key West and saw your posting on Jack being hospitalized. I hope he is much improved by now and resting at home. Dear Jack Christmas brings back lots of memories of you . One Christmas while you were living on Blvd East.
we went tree shopping on Christmas Eve. Being young and without much extra cash our choices were limited but I loved one tree and tried to negotiate the price with the seller. I think I offered him half the asking price. He looked at me and in his Jersey city dialect said, "Come back tomorrow honey, it 'll be real cheap then." We forked over the full price and took our tree home to decorate. I hope this brings a smile to your face. SnowQueen