Sunday, October 25, 2015

AIMExpo 2015 Orlando

A gorgeous vintage display from the Mitzel Collection of Mandan, North Dakota. I loved these Japanese survivors at the show.




The excellent Motus all American Sport Tourer, built in Birmingham, Alabama. All that's separating me from it is thirty thousand bucks.

I thought I might like the Indian Scout but it was uncomfortable for me. I was surprised.

The Indian Dark Horse was sublime.

I was even more surprised I loved it.

The Vintage Chief is prettier but the Dark Horse would be easier to live with with no chrome or leather to worry about getting rusty or wet.

Nope, I like this one. I think I might go to Orlando this winter and rent one for some fun on Highway 17. Harley Davidson wasn't at the show at all.

Never thought I'd go for a cruiser! Back to regular programming.

Night, night Ninja helmets!

Trust, but be on the safe side:

Not all motorcycles, these things are popular:

Hard core touring:




Trobairitz said...

What did you think of the looks of the Ducati Scrambler compared to your beloved Bonneville?

I think I would have enjoyed the vintage bikes the most. Thanks for wandering and taking all the pictures.

Would be interested on your thoughts on the Indian if you do indeed rent one.

Conchscooter said...

The Ducati has excellent power/ weight ratio numbers and the looks strike a chord. If I were a back country on/off road rider or thirty years younger the Ducati might appeal more.
The Bonneville is a better road bike in my opinion without having ridden the Ducati. It has longer maintenance intervals, a longer wheelbase, more luggage options and thus I feel like it's a better commuter and traveler.
But it's all pretty subjective.
The Chief is intriguing as a motorcycle, a modern cruiser way outside my comfort zone.