Monday, January 25, 2016

Cheyenne The Wonder Dog

A few pictures of Cheyenne in her new daily life as a dog with a second wind. Actually she is just being a dog and enjoying life. I think she is also prone to taking advantage of me, pretending to be weak when it suits her and getting lifts up and down the stairs when she feels like a ride. When she thinks I'm not looking I see her taking the stairs on her own, but when she stands their looking piteous I don't mind lifting her 110 pounds up 15 stairs. She usually wags her tail when we get to the top.
 A couple of weeks ago I was wondering how long she would last but the vet prescribed a medication for her that recently apparently went generic and is thus affordable, and for the transformation I've seen in her a buck a pill is very worthwhile.
In order to help her get around on the tile floors we have taken to laying down rather ugly plastic mats that give her weak hind legs better grip. What we do for this dog! That and keeping the air cool enough that she doesn't pant. Sometimes I felt like we live in Antarctica.
Her walks are shorter of course barely a block or two but she is enjoying life on four legs. 

And she is back to her puddle antics again. Her hind legs get very weak when I call her to come to shore. She can barely hear me let alone get up. So I have to go wading to "help" her to her feet. Bloody dog.
 All this exercise wears a girl out.
Dr Edie the vet told us the drug works miracles for some dogs and it sure has for Cheyenne.
 Carprofen (marketed as Vetprofen,[1] Rimadyl,[2] ImadylquellinNovoxImafenand Rovera) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that veterinarians prescribe as a supportive treatment for various conditions. It provides day-to-day treatment for pain and inflammation from arthritis in geriatric dogsjoint pain, osteoarthritiship dysplasia, and other forms of joint deterioration.

She will break my heart when hers eventually stops.


Dar said...

Michael you are good pet people! We go to great lengths for our furry friends. I slept a month on a foam in the livingroom when my pooch experienced a bad outcome with a car & had two broken hips. It was such a hard time. I am thinking i nedd some arthritis meds ugh my hip is killing me! Give Miss Cheyenne a pat & cookie from me.

Sandi Foster said...

lovely to hear she is getting her second wind...

Ginney Camden said...

Sweet Cheyenne. It's amazing how I look forward to getting my cup of coffee in the mornings and looking up your posts to see what Cheyenne has been up to.

MyamuhNative said...

Has Cheyennue ever had a kiddie pool?
I'm thinking she would love a small one on the deck.

Anonymous said...

My dog passed away in 2013 at the age of 16. Since then, your blog and reading about Cheyenne has helped me with my heartache.

Dea said...

Ahhh... yay for Cheyenne!! I wish my dog could take that medication but he's been on steroids most of his life for IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and the two meds don't mix... alas he's getting weaker and not much I can do about it..

Trobairitz said...

I am glad she is feeling better. I bet she appreciates your "elevator to the top" when she needs a hand up the stairs.

Conchscooter said...

Cheyenne is still stubborn and ornery and eating lots. Some days are better and othersaren't so much. More on Wednesday..

Anonymous said...

Yep. Rimadyl works well and Tramadol is sometimes added for pain.

Even cheaper is meloxicam which Walmart now sells for $4 for 30 pills. My lab was on this for nearly a year, and we also did the rug thing in our house. At a certain point, I remembered that he was never meant to have a hard life,and we sadly let him go the same day Bowie died.

A word of caution - all these drugs might be hard on the stomach, and I think it was a stomach ulcer that finally made my dog stop eating.

Glad that Cheyenne is still going!