Friday, January 15, 2016

Duval In The Rain

I will say the weather is weird at the moment, not that struggling to reach seventy degrees in winter is odd on cold days. It's that the wind is blowing out of the north east and the rain clouds are sweeping in from the opposite direction, the southwest. And boy, it just won't stop raining.

The weather is one of two topics on the mind at the moment. Yesterday I touched on the absurdly heavy traffic and numerous accidents caused by distracted driving when people cross into the oncoming lane and there were many nasty injuries by people being ejected from their cars. I guess it's phone use and lack of seatbelt use respectively.

Food shopping at the new Publix, the one in Key Plaza not the one in Searstown, I landed in the check out line of a chatty cashier. I had hoped I wasn't going to be chatted at because I am nothing like the cute young blonde in front of me, the one with the Christian Academy jacket who declined to donate to the special Olympics despite Mr Chatty's best efforts. I donated promptly but I wasn't spared. He commiserated with me about the weather remarking his only day off is Sunday which is supposed to be sunny, the only day in the forecast without its share of rain. I refrained from pointing out my working weekend ahead, and plodded out into the soaking wet parking lot.

Wandering up Duval Street I was amused to see outdoor heating on the patio at Willie Ts. Cold wet soggy Duval Street. Frigid cold.

I am not fond of rain as it makes everything more complicated, even simply finding your way:

It wasn't crazily heavy down pouring rain like a summer thunderstorm, more like a constant niggling persistent endless annoying drizzle imported from the Pacific Northwest. I'm about ready for the next stage of a normal cold front, crisp sunshine out of cold clear skies. I think we have at least another week of this nonsense, on and off.

I was properly wrapped up against it. Decidedly not my cup of tea.

Cheyenne likes it but she likes anything that isn't 80 degrees. It wasn't 80 degrees when I got home. Grr.



Cody Goldman said...

I might as well do it while I can, its been very sunny and beautiful here in Baltimore. We had many days in the 60's which is rare for December and now its been mid 40's in January. Yesterday it felt a little hot at around 50 in the sun. It may sound cold by Florida standards but its actually refreshing and we will take it for now. Hope the rain stops there.
Loving El Nino here.

Trobairitz said...

You do not look amused in that pic. That kind of rain just permeates everything. Hope you are back to sunshine soon.

We are setting up for another week of rain. Typical for us though, and not unexpected.

Anonymous said...

Rain here as well but also cold. Thankfully I will soon be in Key West away from the cold weather and mean, spiteful work peers.

Cees Klumper said...

Rain/sleet/snow here in Geneva. We spent two weeks in our home on Big Pine second half of December and had many an 87-90 degree day. Seems that hot weather has turned wet. Hope the more typical cold-but-sunny weather pulls around soon for you and Cheyenne.

Conchscooter said...

I hope so too. Wet and cold weather is easier enjoyed in Geneva than Key West.