Thursday, January 21, 2016

KiKi's Sandbar

I noticed the Can Am Trike, a machine that purports to appeal to people who ride motorcycles, and it was parked in the handicap spot in front of Kiki's Sandbar on Little Torch Key. It could just as easily have parked in the motorcycle parking space even closer to the restaurant. Thus as far as I'm concerned this photo is the definitive proof that Can Ams are not motorcycles, at least not in the eyes of this owner.
Kiki's Sandbar
That aside Kiki's has remained pretty much the same and I am glad of that. The views over Niles Channel haven't changed since this place was Parrotdise:
Kiki's Sandbar
They have a bunch of window seats perfect for out of town guests. Or locals...Maybe when it's warmer we will try the outdoor seating downstairs where they now have an outdoor bar, very Keys style. But frankly I prefer the upstairs view across the channel while chowing down on some first rate seafood and very decent beer. 
Kiki's Sandbar, Little Torch Key
We tried the conch fritters mostly out of curiosity as we had recently been asked about where to get decent ones. Mostly conch fritters are corn balls that taste more like hush puppies than anything remotely seafood-related. These came with a spicy mango habanero sauce and there was a good bit of crunchy  conch meat in them too. We rated them pretty darn good. And yes, we were a bit surprised.
Kiki's Sandbar, Little Torch Key
 Kiki's has kept the same format as Parrotdise, bright cheerful decor, lots of servers, a decent wine and beer list and a solid menu. It's not fine dining nor does it pretend to be but I thought it was pretty good value for money. The fritters, the calamari and the fish tacos all got the thumbs up. I really like the blackened mahi tacos, three to an order for $13 were a good meal. 
Kiki's Sandbar, Little Torch Key
The smoked fish dip is always good here and if you like fried oysters these got general approval. I have to say the appeal of oysters eludes me. People tell me I haven't had a "good oyster" if I don't like them as a species. But even wrapped in breadcrumbs and fried they still have the texture and taste of -forgive me- snot. People love them. Weird.
Kiki's Sandbar, Little Torch Key
If you don't know what beer to order and you don't like battery acid special IPA beer then go for the Funky Buddha Floridian on draft. I mean to say you can have a very pleasant afternoon at Kiki's and they have TV if you need that, but it doesn't intrude beyond the bar into the restaurant. They also sell caps and t-shirts and other dust catchers. Oh and they are also advertising Brunch everyday at eight o'clock with some interesting look food. Might have to check that out. 


Cees Klumper said...

X2 on Kiki's. It's become one our favorite places. May I suggest the Arrogant Bastard as an alternative beer choice? We've taken to that and now get it at Winn Dixie's for home as well. Kiki's burgers are very tasty as well and agree that the view from the upstairs window seat-tables is great.

Bryce Lee said...

Excellent description of oyster. Like you,
can well avoid them, ditto, lobster.
Most everything else is fair game.

Conchscooter said...

I shall try arrogant bastard. Sounds about right.
Oysters? I mean really. If you really think you need an aphrodisiac you can do better than rhino horns oysters or monkey testicles. Try viagra.