Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cheyenne, A Wonderful LIfe

It is a complicated thing trying to explain to a non believer how much pleasure you can get from the company of a dog. Outside of a dog a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read,a quotation attributed to Mark Twain, about sums up how I feel about Cheyenne. She came into my life in December 2009 and even though she was given up to the pound on the grounds of being too old (?) I expect she has a few more good years left in her. I'd be as ready to give her up to the pound as I would be to cut my own heart out. She has traveled across country with us in the car, been all across the South visiting various friends and relations and she has thus suffered mightily at the hands of my wanderlust. Cheyenne exhibits unnatural abilities to make up her own mind, she knows what she wants, and she lets me know in no uncertain terms. When I have been bedridden with the 'flu she has slept with me and when I have been to tired to walk her she has failed signally to show her disappointment.  My tribute to my ever patient dog:

Ocracoke, North Carolina.

                                                Waiting for me to come home in the morning.


                                                     Santa Cruz California, not dog happy.
 Happy dog at It's Beach, Santa Cruz  westside.
                                                              New Orleans in the heat:

 Kristi's dog Bane empathizing:

 Admirers met on the street:

 Taking Elly's guest bed:
 Admirers on the street:

 The Fiat 500 was a bit small for her:
 More strangers!

 Loop road in the Everglades:

 That face:
 My angel:

 St Augustine:
 Mommy's exercise mat in a pinch:

 Ft Lauderdale:

Cruising New York's Finger Lakes in Steve's car:
 Vineyard dog:
 Dog friendly La Quinta, always:
 Celo, North Carolina, an intentional community:

                                                         The Adirondacks, New York:
 Green Mountain Coffee, Vermont:
 Burlington Vermont:
 With David Masse, Montreal:
 Canada's Doughnut shop in Montreal:
 Mount Washington, New Hampshire. It was frigid and she liked it.
 Tourist Train, Portland Maine:
 Cidery in Portland, Maine:
 Boston by night:
 With Jack Riepe in New Jersey:
 The Lewis to Cape May Ferry:

Not impressed enough by summer in Cheyenne, Wyoming to bother stepping out of the car:

 Las Cruces New Mexico got her attention.

The Appalachian mountains.
My nephew's guest couch in Asheville, North Carolina:


Picnic Island, Newfound Harbor:

 How did Jack Riepe get in here (again)?

With my sister-in-law in Celo, North Carolina:

 Bobscoot, Bend, Oregon.

She took refuge from the heat in a wine shop in Bend:

A passer-by:
 A coffee stand in Oregon.
 Rick and Cheyenne, Santa Cruz harbor.

Her first sight of the Pacific Ocean, not impressed:

Above, the monument at Elizabeth Street, Key West.
Home, asleep.

Labradors  shed mightily.

Not everyone was happy to see her:
                                                          A very long walk in the mangroves.

 An impromptu vet visit, Montgomery, Alabama.

 Karl and Cheyenne in Birmingham.

 Her grassy bed at home .
 16th Street Church Memorial in Birmingham.

Boating isn't her cup of tea. But she puts up with it to be with me. I hope we get out this summer...

 Blue Hole, Big Pine Key. Not Cheyenne.


Anonymous said...

What a great smile....what a fabulous life!
No dog can ever replace her but I have seen someone on SPCA website -Stock Is., maybe looking for you?
( black )
Why not say hello?
Have a good weekend.
Maybe take another friend just for a tiny walk.
Sometimes it does help.

Anonymous said...

A lovely life...

SonjaM said...

What a lovely tribute, Michael. And what a well travelled dog Cheyenne is. You gave her a wonderful life and she gave back all she had.

Robert Wilson said...

Having owned a variety of dogs and cats in the past, I would say the best dog is a Lab. They are gentle and kind, they are patient with us humans is more ways than any other animal I've been lucky enough to be owned by. Cheyenne lead a life filled with love and adventure, what living being can ask for more?

FrankieS said...

So very sorry for your loss. Through your sharing her life with us, we feel like we've lost a friend. With time, may you and your wife find peace in your memories. She was a special part of your family.

CJ said...

Great tribute. I'm glad you two found each other in this world.

Conchscooter said...

Thank you all. She has left a huge hole. My wife says no dogs for now but I have seen some likely myself at the pound. Sigh.

SalParadise said...

What a happy dog! Lazy too.... great shots.... you did good, so good. Peace.

Keith said...

So sorry, Michael. She was lucky to have found you.

Bob Saraceno said...

We too lost our beloved "sugarplum" in the past year and then our two cats in the past 5 months. All were raised together from young and I knew someday they would all be gone. I must say that in the several times over the past years we visited Key West we were always on the look out for you and Cheyenne and feel bad we will never meet her. We are looking at adopting again and are compiling a list of possible names. "Cheyenne" has been added to the list.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for you and your family's loss. My husband and I started reading your blog for couple reasons, beautiful photos, KW stories - but the main reason was Cheyenne. We have a soft spot for labs - and old ones for sure (we have a 14y old right now). Dogs are definitely family. Deepest sympathies during this tough time.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. You rescued her when the other family abandoned her and gave her the happiest years of her life. Just remember all the happy times you all enjoyed and the happiness you and her gave us when we read your adventures.

Conchscooter said...

My wife is going to the pound on Monday to give away Cheyenne's treats and food but I'm hoping she will decide we can get another dog. There are several Labs on Stock Island. I surprise myself but I am ready to get another dog.

Dar said...


I am sorry for your loss.

Sandi Foster said...

she was a beaut for sure.. i said this earlier.. but thank you for sharing your friend with us.. .

Trobairitz said...

I am so sorry to hear of Cheyenne's passing. I have been off the computer for a few days and didn't see your posts until this morning.

I remember meeting Cheyenne (and you and Layne) in Bend back in 2010.

She will always have a place in your heart and I am glad you have all these blog posts to help you remember all the good times.

Anonymous said...

AAWW your precious pup, so sorry.


MyamuhNative said...

She was a great dog and you gave her a happy life.
We were blessed to share some of it with you here.
Fingers crossed that you get another dog and show it what a good good life really is.

Conchscooter said...

Thank you all.
We are going to look for a candidate for a second chance at life on Monday at the SPCA. Fingers crossed. I miss Cheyenne terribly.

David Masse said...

Beautiful tribute Michael. They fill a big chunk of our lives with happiness, and tear a hole when they leave us.

Ginney Camden said...

She was a wonderful companion but you were a wonderful companion for her as well and made her life happy and fulfilled. All her wonderful memories, her smiles, and tailwagging will be with you forever. I hope as well that another dog smile will catch your fancy soon and you will begin to heal.

Anonymous said...

I have just gotten around to catching up with the few blogs I read and am so SORRY to hear about Cheyenne passing. I know how hard it is to lose your best friend, and crying tears for you as I write this. She was a lovely dog and you gave her the best years of her life. I am sure she is with you in spirit as you walk Rusty along Cheyenne's favorite haunts. Take care to all three of you Cecelia