Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hollywood Food Trucks

The food truck phenomenon is all over the place, not so much in Key West but mainland Florida with splendid night time weather has embraced this way of eating. Monday nights it's Arts Park in Hollywood at the circle in the middle of town called Young Circle.
Hollywood, Florida
 The line up this past week was endless:

90 Miles to Go
B.C. Tacos
Che Grill
Churrasco Grill
Da Burger Shack
Don Mofongo
Food Junkies
HipPOPs handcrafted gelato bars
Il Fiorentino
Jerk it Cuisine
Jersey Dawg
King of Racks
The Lobsta Guy
Monster Burgers
Ms. Cheezious
Nacho Bizness
Palate Party
Paradise Cups
Poblano’s Mexican Fusion
Sugar Yummy Mama
Sweet Blenz
Tuto’s Cuisine
Voo La Voo
Wholesome Rollers
I got overwhelmed in short order but my wife and her sister marched off to check out what was on offer. 
I have no idea what sort of a living one makes cooking in the back of a van but young people seemed to make a decent date night out of it.
The lines were long and after ordering there wasn't much to do but stand around and wait. Cause for conversation!
I was looking after Rusty whose brain must have been blown by his change of fortune. A few weeks ago he was an unwanted dog on the margins of life and now he was being petted and admired by strangers and welcomed into the middle of crowds. He took it like the stoic he has become.
Hollywood, Florida
 I tried to wander but the crowds were thick and I had no idea what I wanted to eat.
South Florida Food Trucks
 I left the decisions up to my wife. These guys yielded crab fries and a thick wedge of caramel bread pudding. Food trucks tend to go with  substantial fare it seems to me.
South Florida Food Trucks
 Rusty was totally absorbed into people watching, too entranced to be scared.
Ms Cheezious sold grilled cheese sandwiches which I thought an odd choice but we had a couple of theirs.
South Florida Food Trucks
   Burger Beast claims to have the most up to date list of trucks and locations:
                           Every MondayFood Trucks at Arts Park
                           Every TuesdayFood Truck Invasion in Plantation
                           Every 1st FridayFriday Night Food Trucks
                           Every 2nd FridaySecond Fridays at Abacoa                                                                                       Every 3rd  SaturdayWheelin’ Dealin’ Street Food Festival 

2015  was the year of Chef Robyn Almodovar on Food Network where she won an episode of Chopped and also won Cutthroat Kitchen. My wife noticed her South Florida base, along with her truck "Palate Party" and noted them down in her phone. She was quite pleased to be recognized. Her crab cakes really were very good. We ate them on the spot.
South Florida Food Trucks
My patient dog, navigating the chaos with the aplomb of an old hand. I hope he enjoyed being in the middle of middle class life as a participant.

Hollywood, Florida

My sister-in-law studying the menu:
Hollywood, Florida

The crab and fries:
The bacon and blue cheese grilled sandwich. Perhaps it was bleu cheese but food trucks bring out the pleb in me:
The bread pudding:
The exhausted little trooper:
Hollywood, Florida
What an interesting evening.


The City Mouse in the Country said...

Before everything happened to Sue we were thinking about buying a little restaurant or a food truck. Sue spent 20+ years in the kitchen and in the front office of several restaurants and is a trained chef herself (although she prefers "cook").

Food trucks cost about 20K to buy and that is a lot cheaper than a building. Generally speaking they are actually cleaner than restaurants as well do to the limited workspace and storage in a truck.

It's been estimated that a food truck can bring in anywhere between 15 to 30 thousand a year after expenses (fuel, food, insurance) however the hours spent promoting the food truck are higher than a regular restaurant do to it's very mobile nature. As such many trucks try to run a regular "loop" or form a relationship with another business.

Events like the one you were at allow the trucks to promote their best items or allow the chefs (many of whom are raising stars in the culinary field) to show off food they would not normally carry on the truck. For example I had a pasta dish made with rattlesnake meat off on one truck. It was good but I can't imagine it selling to Joe six-pack on a street corner.

Richard James said...

That's the powerful post. I have Honda 850 CC. Sometimes I cross the meter of 150 in local roads. Anyways I really enjoy it. Thanks

Garythetourist said...

Your photos of the food truck food may lead one to suspect that the same cardiologist who sponsors your food trucks may also sponsor my biscuits and gravy.

Conchscooter said...

Food trucks sound like a lot of work. I need a cardiologist-in-a-box to follow me round.

jade said...

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Alizo Writero said...

I showed up around 12:30, there were 3 people in line and probably about 5 or 6 people waitingFood Truck catering