Friday, March 25, 2016

Big Pine Key South Street

It's a dirt road off Key Deer Boulevard near the baseball diamond, but it has a name and they call it South Street. I have no idea why, it's not particularly north  or south of any landmark that I can see. Cheyenne used to like it, and Rusty likes it a lot.
A cold front yesterday made it an ideal day to let the Carolina Dog loose on the trail. He had a restrained good time. 
Rusty spent some time in the bushes and while he did I stood around shivering slightly and taking pictures of random woodsy things.
It's been raining a bit and the puddles filled. Rusty got thirsty but he is reluctant to drink found water, much less lay down in it which is okay by me as a muddy dog is a pain in the car. 

 Oyster shells and Bud Light cans, indicate the woodsmen have been living large in the shrubbery.
 Sea grape leaves about toe shed:

 South Street in the Eden Pines neighborhood of Big Pine Key.

 Nothing escapes Rusty's eye.
He had two bowls of clean water back at the car. We went home and I warmed up with tea.


Sandi Foster said...

what a gorgeous color rustys fur is.. hes a lovely dog

joe fortin said...

I am disappointed he does not like to lay in random mud puddles....I still miss those pictures.

Conchscooter said...

Yesterday Rusty fell in a ditch and came back to me soaking wet. He does not do things by halves.

Anonymous said...

He's fabulous. What an adventurer and love- bug. Does he still try and escape or has he totally settled in , in your home? What did you do to calm him while you're at work ? He looks pretty adjusted now. Wonderful.