Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rusty At The Bat Tower

Rusty came looking for me; it was time for a walk.
We went to the Bat Tower on Sugarloaf Key. Bat Tower History Link
Bat Tower, Perky, Florida
I wonder how much longer it will last, untouched and battered by all weather:

It remains photogenic and largely ignored except by those who know where to find it, near Sugarloaf Lodge.
The old rat guards are almost worn through. Those would be the bits of rusty metal above Rusty's head:
They needed bats to eat mosquitoes in the surrounding swamps which never were developed:

The parachutists from the nearby airstrips land here:
Nowadays the land is all roped off. Very efficient and severe.
My favorite piece of wiggly road in the Lower Keys, a quarter mile of asphalt between the trees on the way to the Bat Tower.
Rusty had fun.


Anonymous said...

Now, these bat towers are fun! How green can you get???? Would love to see these as the tallest structures on Truman Park property! It would be a true education for all to see and a promise to Nature. That's what Key West truly needs. Heart.

joe fortin said...

I have done the geocache there....

Trobairitz said...

It appears Rusty enjoys his walks as much as you do. He sure looks like he is fitting right in. I am glad.

Conchscooter said...

Damn I need to check the geocache- I haven't been doing well on those lately what with Cheyenne seizing up and slowing down. I miss her every day.
The city residents voted down Peary Court and perhaps that will do something good for Truman Waterfront. The dust has to settle on the Peary Court fiasco first.
Rusty is doing great. Now he has learned to stay home when I leave without being pout in the crate. He looks sad but I prefer leaving him on the couch to crating him.

Denise Phillips said...

Good dog!