Saturday, March 5, 2016

Why People Like Key West In Winter

You could come to Key West and enjoy winter the way it's meant to be lived. Fred Flinstone drove down and has taken up residence in Bahama Village:
Red Head and Blue Shoes photographing chickens like a tourist. Does Key West still attract visitors who dress like this? Apparently...
Rusty took his first urban walk and found it quite stressful. He saw people and dogs and loud vehicles but I am pleased to say when he got nervous he came to me instead of pulling away. We are making progress. He was actually quite funny as he would dive suddenly for a flowerbed and take a profound interest in a leaf and I'd look around and I realized he was trying to avoid crossing paths with some fearsome person or dog up ahead. Smart boy.
Winter in Key West can be delightful with clear blue skies and bright colors. I am no fan of snow or fog or grayness.
WE tromped around for half an hour, Rusty frightened by the traffic on Eaton Street, me enjoying the day. So as a compromise we circled Southard and Fleming and took a detour up Love Lane before facing off with the bums in front of the library who were no trouble at all except in Rusty's mind. I live a charmed life as the residentially challenged in this town never bother me.
One small dog exhausted. Worn out I suspect more by the tension of his fearfulness than the actual physical exercise itself. I'll bet he never expected such a varied hectic paced life. I hope the couch is compensation enough.


Anonymous said...

IMHO, Key West, in Winter, Spring, Summer, or just doesn't seem to matter anymore.
Because what developers like Paul LaBombard Jr.(, better known as Pritam Singh) have done, is use anything they have gotten , whether through guile, monetary influence, stacked cards, etc., and have utterly taken this unique and simple island, hostage. Overly zealous and perpetually greedy, Key West has become their oyster ; and nobody else's.
Abominable over- building, excess concrete, sheer ugliness, for the benefit of a precise few, have literally wiped out the age of old that tourism once toted. The reality is, Key West is being obliterated by idiots like a Judge wanting cruise ships to filth up the last possible green available in Key West, not to mention, no boating by Stock Is., for guess who?
Tourists want parks, water access, beauty , low- key lifestyles.
If they wanted anything else, they would have stayed in their smog cities with over- population, concrete and
Historical Committees there are either filled with madness or off- shore accounts because no- one in their right minds can ever say over- building and tearing down history is good for Key West.
Better keep your photos coming, Michael.
Otherwise, s much of what you have witnessed and documented visually, is going to be a forgotten frame or fuzzy memory.

Anonymous said...

Michael I think you should post a link to the Key West newspaper story, since you did make front page news!

Anonymous said...

We cannot get this information so you need to blow your horn, Michael!

Conchscooter said...

I blew my horn thank you. Awkward for me.

Jeri said...

I am a tourist but some day if my stars align, I would love to become a Key West resident. My attraction definitely is the laid back small island feel. The history, the art, the twist of eclectic diversity really set this paradise apart from other fast lane tourist stops. I really feel over development is killing the soul of Key West. The Key West culture is what drives tourist to come to Key West. With out Key West Culture this island is no different from any other party stop. With out preserving all the things that make Key West unique, it could easily become over looked by travelers which would cause a decline in the economy. Keep Key West special. Dont make it a cookie cutter.