Saturday, April 30, 2016

Moon Set Over Ramrod

It was a fantastic opportunity to enjoy what may be one of the last cool fronts of the winter. Rusty was delighted to enjoy the cool north breeze blowing over the islands. 

The crisp air cleared the skies and we got the benefit of a sunrise to the east with an almost full moon setting to the west ( obviously). 

It's these moments that transition me from a night at work to my reward asleep in bed.

The transition starts when I leave the 911 center and enjoy a half ride home in the dark. Rusty's greeting is always over the top. He waits for me at the top of the stairs and ambushes me with leaps and kisses and toothy rubs on my cheeks while he desperately paws my chest. Then we get in the car and look for a place to walk. 

Like this. 

An excellent way to end the day. 


David Masse said...

Michael believe or not I had never seen a moonset until late last August. I think it was 11:30 pm. I was on Montreal's lake shore and there it was. The moon was one of those huge orange harvest moons and it slowly sank into the western horizon on the lake. Simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

I hope you and David see each other when you make your trek to Quebec this June....imagine all your expeditions!