Friday, April 22, 2016

Ohio Key

This spot is a mile south of the Seven Mile Bridge, close to the enormous flagpole hovering over the Ohio Key  RV park. There are no signs but I remembered this spot from the good old days when Cheyenne was active. 
I don't know if my pictures do the seawater justice, but the colors are amazing. Even for Rusty the dog that doesn't swim. 
The old Flagler Bridge is closed to bikes and pedestrians until it's refurbished. Underneath, it looks good. We wriggled ANS slid and got passed the water pipe and under the new road bridge. 
Outside it was hot and sunny. An iPhone panoramic shot: 

Rusty was in heaven, chasing his tail and wearing himself out. He fell into a deep, snoring sleep on the couch that evening. 

And I played with the iPhone camera to please myself. I hope you enjoy them. 

PS Regular gas at Ohio Key was $2:07. What weird times we live in, gas is cheaper than water. 


Ken said...

Seems as though your new blog disappeared as when I tried to reply to you message a few weeks ago the link was dead.
Anyway, bumped your scooter in Brandenton yesterday and put mine at the front of the line for repair. Yours is looking good.
Doing this as a comment as I don't have a email for you.

Anonymous said...

And beer (mainstream American beer) is cheaper then both. Weird indeed

Conchscooter said...

My new blog doesn't work because I am going to try to keep this page going. I think I have a work around for the end of Picasa next week.
I am looking forward to getting my Vedpa back. I think it will be good.
Perhaps I could run it on Yeungling

Conchscooter said...

I published this page without Picasa...