Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cycling Duval

A companion piece to my recent essay about what I'd like Duval Street to be. Here I plucked some pictures of people enjoying Duval on two wheels.

By the way, riding on the sidewalk is legal as long as you have an audible means of approach ("hoy!"), and as long as you yield to pedestrians.


Trobairitz said...

So nice to see all the bicycles without everyone in race suits of lycra like we see here. Corvallis is a huge cycling area.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, Thank you as always for your daily journal. Been hooked for a long time.

I bring my bike when I visit from north Florida. It's such a great place to roll around. I wear a helmet and don't see many others with one. I have dreams and stuff to do... so I'll continue to wear mine.

Conchscooter said...

Yes, cycling is a casual activity in certain respects in Key West, whereas it's also a critical activity for the many without cars. And there again Key West has the worst accident rate of any city in Florida for bicycles, probably because cycling anywhere else is reserved for suspended licenses and the very poor and crazy fitness freaks. So the city now has a grant to study how to improve cycling. I could tell them for a lot less than a quarter million dollars but there it is. I am also the motorcyclist usually wearing a helmet and gloves around town.