Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pirates Road

Give Rusty a bush, a trail some open space, a few dark corners to explore and he will make it a playground.
As dogs go he is an easy animal to walk, enjoying anything especially if there is no traffic. The noise of vehicles passing close by make him nervous so when he's in the wilderness he's happy.
This little side street off Highway One on Cudjoe Key serves no visible purpose as there are no homes or businesses at the end of it. But the seagrapes are looking loaded. The birds will probably get them before humans can eat them, but I'll be keeping an eye on their ripeness.
The only things I've seen Pirates Road used for is to store lobster pots and to hide a geocache. The pots are there for all to see, the cache I have yet to locate...little bastard. Trash is always easy to find among the mangroves.
An official Florida Wilderness Area. Impenetrable.

Later I stopped on Blimp Road to give him a longer run. A fine figure of a dog!


Steve Williams said...

Junior is staring at me while I read your post. He must know you're writing about dogs and wonders when I'm going to take him for a walk.

As great as these adventures look I'll confess to a measure of alligator/crocodile angst. When visiting relatives in Port Charlotte we always got the gator talk. Same with other family in South Carolina.

No reptiles in your neck of the woods?

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Conchscooter said...

Take heart. In all the years I have walked among the mangroves Cheyenne got bitten once on the snout possibly by a small snake. Other than mosquitoes and biting no see ums these islands are the safest place in the world. Odd but true despite the scare no gets sho prefer to go from bar to home without stepping into nature. Nothing to fear.