Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Walking and Watching Around White Street

I love these shutters, just the right shade against the perfect background properly framed:
Using your car as storage is commonplace while living out of your car is common enough though neighbors don't approve. I am frequently amazed how indiscreet some people are about their unconventional living. Drawing attention to yourself does no good.
I took this next picture on Varela Street planning to make some remark about how Glynn Archer is no longer a school but is now being transformed into a most excellent City Hall, what the Germans would call a rat haus which is what some disgruntled Key Westers might want to call it in English.
Some people think the splendid Palladian structure is too over wrought for mere city officials and they would prefer something more along the lines of a trailer to represent their city to the world. I think the city hall has practical advantages as it is easy to reach from anywhere, offers lots of parking, is across the street  from the National Weather Service and is not far from the police department. Thus the the location could be said to be perfect. More perfect shutters too:
I brought a lizard something like this back from a vacation in Puerto Rico, though mine is rather smaller, and more colorful. And in point of fact is a frog, known to Puerto Ricans as a Coqui. 

The city has been posting poems in sidewalks around the place; Rusty ignored it. The poem in question is n front of the Montessori School which is why I suppose the school warning sign at the top of the page is still appropriate even though the big school has gone.
City Hall coming along:
I am very fond of Key West bicycles around town that one sees in daily use as station wagons not toys:
This was going to be a parking lot for the refurbished motorcycle shop that used to exist on Southard Street near the Green Parrot. The city and the property owner got into a dispute over the number of parking spots and this is the result, charming:
A "pet lovers boutique" is coming; the mind boggles.
A car wash is superfluous when you are on yer bike: 

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