Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rusty At Night

It was  really early in the morning when I was off. I slept soundly woke up suddenly and said let's go for a walk and my Carolina Dog was ready to go, so we went. 
The home depicted below, slightly eccentrically designed as happens in Key West, is stuck in my mind as Carolyn Gorton Fuller's  home even though the "Bottle Lady" as she was known died in 2010. She got the nickname from her artistic habit of building a wall out of bottles and later out of mirrors when the bottles got damaged.
Key West looks  great by night in my opinion. Then I look up and there's Dusty sitting in the street waiting patiently for me.
What these danglies are I don't know but they are dangling impressively outside the new  sexton's house at the cemetery.
No cars, no traffic on Passover Lane at 5:30 in the morning.

Bill Butler Park:
Approaching Elizabeth Street on one of my favorite alleyways in Old Town. This one is a cement walkway from Bill Butler Park:
Decorative motif:

Then when the day got light (Rusty likes to walk a lot) I saw a motorcycle in a scooter parking spot. Seems about right to me. I was surprised how specific the sign was.
And so home to bed.


Cindy said...

I miss you on Facebook but enjoy strolling along in your diary more. So, good. Rain has returned to the upper left edge and the tourists are retreating somewhat, but it's still a little warm (for us, you'd freeze) so the windows are open and the rain is pattering lightly, and it's quiet, and it feels like vacation. Happy September.

Myamuhnative said...

The danglies look like flowers from a sausage tree.
If I remember correctly , they are pollinated by bats.
With your nocturnal wandering you could be one of the few lucky enough to witness pollination!

Conchscooter said...

I got tired of Facebook. I am old fashioned and I like fact checking. Facebook is too loud and angry and based on emotive beliefs. I can't handle it. I discovered Instagram a place where people publish photos and where I'm not going to like comment or re-post. Just post pictures. Life made simple.
As for sausage trees I shall try to keep an eye out. I hope there are bats to pollinate.