Thursday, December 29, 2016

After Hours

In every twenty four hour period there are only three hours wherein the sale of alcohol is prohibited anywhere in the city: 4 am to 7 am. The rest of the time bars can be open and people can be drinking (or buying alcohol from the stores). So when I drove Rusty into town for an early morning walk I was glad the iconic bars all had to be closed....Mind you I am not a barfly as must be apparent to anyone who reads this page. I don't fish and I am not a hardcore drinker. Whatever am I doing in Key West?
Green Street looking northeast:

 I doubt Hemingway would ever be seen drinking in Sloppy Joe's the way it is today, but his name is firmly attached by association:
 They claim ten bars inside the Rick's complex but I have never been inside to verify:
 Smokin' Tuna on Charles Street has live music of note:
 The infamous Bull with a newly reinforced balcony ready for New year's Eve crowds:
 Fogarty's with Duval-side seating for people watching:
 A rather cheerful yet apparently pensive old man waiting for dawn:
 Collecting trash on Rose Lane:
 Hard Rock the place with the hamburgers which reminds me I need to pay a visit:
 On Whitehead, the first (or last) bar on Highway 1, the Green Parrot. No air conditioning but hot live music during afternoon "sound checks."
 Tourist stalls near Mallory Square also closed...
 And to wrap up the tour, the county courthouse:


SonjaM said...

How peaceful it looks, Michael. I am rather surprised that there is actually a time where there aren't people on the street in a party town like this.

Steve said...

For the people who still must drink between 4-7 am, on simonton street is oriole club. It is a private club, so you must be a member, but if you are, alcohol is served

CJ said...

Nice shots of some iconic landmarks.

Conchscooter said...

I love wandering at night. If rather not encourage the Orioles actually.

Alandre said...

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