Sunday, December 4, 2016

Yamaha And Trump

This shop is the only motorcycle dealership left in Key West. Riva South a Suzuki dealer is in Key Largo a hundred miles north and there are various dealers in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The Yamaha dealership is run by a notoriously cranky man whose crank apparently got turned a little too far...but like they say political expression is never good for business.

In ultra liberal Key West, a Trump supporter answers his critics with obscene letter


Ric Kaysen said...

One mans taunting is another mans pride. I recall very well after Obama's victory in 2008 the many t-shirts, signs and social media posts with his name and image. I visited a number of government offices in this city at that time where bureaucrats festooned their cubicles with photos and newspaper clippings showcasing the new president. Pride or taunts?

Trobairitz said...

It will be an interesting next few months if not next few years.

I am lucky that Oregon is a pretty blue state, well west of the Cascades anyway. Corvallis has an ordinance that political signs are supposed to be removed within so many days of an election, but we still see the odd one out there and of course the bumper stickers.