Sunday, May 14, 2017

Don't Fence Me In

Rusty was as surprised as I by the appearance of an actual boat barreling down the canal that was originally supposed to be surrounded by homes. There are some homes way up the canal but I've never seen one on it.
They swooped by with a wave and headed for the jumping bridge. I'd heard the sounds of body flops earlier so I hoped the swimmers were out of the water. 
Further on as we came back on the paved Loop Road we found signs of new fencing about to be installed. Why? Who knows but it feels like another step along the path to gentrification as always.
I have no doubt there are good reasons to put up a fence but I find it unfortunate that things have to be improved all the time. I wish they could be left well enough alone.
It all looks terribly sturdy...
...and they have lots of them. Presumably the road will now be fenced off from the wilderness all around.
Oh well. New signs and new fences. I wish this could be a forgotten backwater. Pretty soon it feels as though we'll have nowhere to go to escape he daily grind.


Ric Kaysen said...

First thought was to protect the deer by keeping them off the road

SonjaM said...

It's sad but alas, normal. I live in the homeland of fencing off thy neighbour, and it has spread like a disease for many generations: If one doesn't have any other means of natural boundaries, it's inevitable that people start putting up fences in order to keep something/someone in or out...

'Good fences make good neighbours.'

Conchscooter said...

The whole area is pedestrian only which makes the fence all the more weird.