Thursday, July 20, 2017

Gubbio, An Italian Hill Town

Gubbio lies in the foothills of northern Umbria overlooking the main river Tiber valley below.  They didn't know it when they built it but hundreds of years later photographers would be thanking them for their design and style.

Moto Guzzi's answer to the scooter craze of the 1960s, called the Galletto (little rooster) 200cc with two identical wheels quickly detached to enable the spare wheel to fit both ends. 

People say you don't see many Vespas on the streets of Italy. I say rubbish, you just have to look among lower cost non premium scooters in daily use. 

Our hotel, and very comfortable in the middle of the old town:

Palazzo dei Consoli - old city hall.

Looking south down the Tiber Valley:


2012zena said...

I like this Italian town entry. It reminds me of an 'escape vision' I carried around for years. Briefly, I will explain. I spent far too many years in University. As a little girl I always wanted to leave my culture. Not sure why, but I was addicted to National Geographic, photography and how other parts of the world lived. So naturally my first degree was in Cultural Anthropology. When you're young and idealist you forget about survival. On the advice of a Professor I tacked on a Nursing Degree and had visions of World Health Org., Peace Corp, etc... I became an Oncology Nurse in Seattle, a major hot spot for Cancer Research. Worked with kids who came from all over the world for Bone Marrow Transplants. Yes, I had cultivated a marriage between Cultures and Medicine. Most rewarding job I ever took on, hardest and saddest. When I really began to see how US healthcare was about economics, I left. I needed to get out of the System. Spent 5 years obtaining my Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine with major focus on Acupuncture. Private practice was enjoyable BUT I wanted to go live in a small European town where I could pack up my acupuncture needles on the back of a Vespa and travel from house to house treating the locals. Charging only the people who worked and not the elderly. Your photos took me there today. Thanks!! I needed to go there. P.S. Sorry, not as brief as I had planned)

Trobairitz said...

All that old brick work is beautiful. I love architecture pictures, I always have.

Unknown said...

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