Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Point

As though to conveniently illustrate the force of 130 mph winds the very inconvenient Hurricane Irma sandblasted one side of the freshly painted Southernmost Point buoy.
In happier times, two days before the sandblasting it looked like this as I struggled with the concept of selfie while playing tourist in a  deserted town:
This week a city employee had the task of fixing it up under the impatient gaze of visitors eager to get their picture taken at the monument marking the somewhat fictitious point. 
I say fictitious as it is only more or less the southernmost civilian point in the US with the Navy base behind it rather more so. Furthermore Hawaii claims the southernmost point in a US state even though you could say they are trumped by American Samoa. Whatever, you get the point (pun intended.)
 Certainly the people lined up to take their pictures get the point even if it has been mauled:
 Further up the street the Southernmost House which may or may not be furthest south, still stands:
And all I could think while taking that picture above was how much better off we would be if all power lines were buried. Imagine: no more wind related power outages!


Cees Klumper said...

When I lived in Florida I was surprised to see all those above-ground lines for everything. Because in my native Holland cables were all underground. Much cleaner.

Conchscooter said...

yes. You will discover the US is rather short changed in certain areas where the Netherlands really are exceptional.

Anonymous said...

...they bury bodies above ground in the South for the same reason the power lines are on poles------the water table is too high.

Mark said...

What is real situation now 1 month after Irma? When I check any Key West webcams, everything looks like OK. Marathon seems to have bigger problems.

Conchscooter said...

As for burying power lines you have to wonder if the water table is so high why aren’t water pipes above ground?
The situation: most places are open more or less. Some places aren’t yet but may be soon. Staffing is iffy. Menus may be restricted. Or not.
If you come expecting pre catastrophe levels of service you will be disappointed. If you come hoping for the best and don’t start creating like an ugly tourist when the power goes out or the Duck is off the menu you will be fine. If trash piles offend you stick to Key West city limits. If all this sounds like I’m not sure you’re right. I have very low expectations of everything but things are getting better.

Mark said...

Ty for reply. Well if there are problems only when power goes down for a while, then its completely ok. I am just asking because I am flying there from Germany last 3 years and I love Key West. And media were just talking shits about total devastation, but from live cams I didn't see big devastation. That's why i am asking somebody who live there and isn't hysterical wife :)

Conchscooter said...

Key West is fine mostly. Everywhere else is a bit messed up.

Unknown said...

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