Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rusty In The Woods

This one I took in South Georgia when we stopped for a break near Brunswick and the extensive pine forests penetrated by sandyroads. 

Not Rusty

Sister-in-law Geeta (with a hard G) has lived here since the 1970s doctoring in Appalachia. 

Not a swimming dog:


Trobairitz said...

Rusty blends right in with the fall colors. From your pictures it looks as though you are enjoying your time there.

Ginney Camden said...

I loved every one of these photos.

Denise Phillips said...

Have a nice time. You are in my neck of the woods except I'm about 4 hours away in va. We have plenty of leaves and trees but I don't live that primitively. Western NC is beautiful and we love to visit. The casino in Cherokee is a place we frequent a few times a year.