Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Well, I thought to myself, there's a not so pretty introduction to Key West. Half shuttered with metal hurricane shutters, dead plants and general decrepitude all says: Welcome to Key West! 
I took a few turns around Simonton and Front Streets following y dog who sensibly chased shade. It's turned warm during the  day, in the mid 80s though not searingly humid like summer.
More new two million dollar condos are almost done at Simonton and Greene. No worker housing here.
And they are selling.
I expect the part time occupants of the luxury condos will not be happy to see people living for free on the streets.
It never ceases to amaze me how one business is never enough. There are duplicate outlets of coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets all over Key West, an island you might think too small for such repetition.
And then after thinking about that I saw this one of a kind machine. Not quite sure what it is, an electric scooter or mobility device or what? The line is getting very fuzzy between what gets treated as a motor vehicle and what isn't. Should this thing be ridden on the sidewalk? Should it have a license plate? 
I labelled this picture on Instagram as "exuberance." Old City Hall.
Just another hot walking day in Key West.
For me, my dog and a whole load of strangers.


Me 2 said...

A two million dollar condo is obsene

Conchscooter said...

It's certainly not helping keep working people in Key West.