Friday, March 16, 2018

Things Go Wrong

I don't know what is going on but the newspaper has had stuff to report lately. Just yesterday a small plane with two adults and child on board had engine failure shortly after take off and according to the news the pilot tried to ditch in the ocean near Key West airport. He failed and somehow landed on a  tiny street near the airport almost blowing up the car rental fuel pumps. Amazingly enough the plane landed upright, stopped a few feet short of incineration and everyone walked away from this:
Two military flyers weren't so lucky earlier in the week when the fliers ejected as they tried to land at Boca Chica Naval Base on a training flight. They died at the hospital. It's hard to imagine what could have gone wrong with those sleek fast darts in the sky. I watch them circling while I travel on Highway One approaching Key West and I always feel glad to be firmly on the ground. Yet I never think of them actually failing and killing their young strapping occupants. Death in combat maybe, death in is that possible? According to CNN the witness who took this picture of the recovery saw the plane explode. I can't imagine what that felt like.
Barbie Wilson took this photo after winessing the crash. She said she saw it roll, explode and go down.
Then there was the fire at Rockland Key, Mile Marker 9. It was  a home being rebuilt after Hurricane Irma damaged it. The fire was complete and spectacular  and the home was destroyed, helped aong by the strong winds we've been having all week.
Image result for rockland key, florida fire
We got lots of calls where I work for the Key West police but it was a Monroe County fire and they were on scene. It was apparently quite the blaze and there were lots of 911 calls. Then on my way into work yesterday I came across a vehicle crash, and not your average Spring Break madness either. I was the only caller according to my colleagues at Monroe County dispatch. I drove past a steaming white van nose first in the mangroves, the driver slumped over the wheel. After I called I walked over and the driver came out. She was all bundled up against the cold and told me she had fallen asleep. She was not wealthy looking as you might imagine. I figured she was another of those who work two or three jobs to survive in these absurd islands. I left when the deputy arrived. And I took no pictures. Great photographer I am!
Image result for footbridge collapse miami
And then in Miami yesterday a new footbridge designed to get university students safely across SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho) collapsed suddenly and crushed five cars and some pedestrians. They were saying up to a dozen people may have died. 
I have no idea what to make of it all. I am alive and well and feeling lucky. It's been cold enough all week I've driven the car to work.  That and all the bizarre distracted driving I'm seeing around Spring Break. This weekend I'm off to the mainland to get away from it all. Another whole weekend off! I can hardly believe it after all the overtime I've had to do. Lovely.


Trobairitz said...

Wow, Florida has had its share of incidents lately. Been making our news too.

Glad you are whole and hearty and can enjoy your weekend off.

Steve Williams said...

Sometimes it does seem the world is falling apart. Or worse. I don't know what to make of it. I recently heard of a fellow so disgusted with all of it that he decided to quit watching television or reading newspapers. On top of that he quit his job and moved onto a pig farm. The only exception is he'll watch sports on a TV but only with the sound off.

I'm not ready for that drastic move but I understand the desire to separate from the noise and chaos. Until that time I'm trying to be hopeful, positive and faith that the world and its people are good...

Me 2 said...

Michael can you please have Layne contact me.

Me 2 said...

Sent Layne message on Facebook.

SonjaM said...

The bridge collapse was even all over the media in Germany, maybe because not too long ago (2016) we had our very own bridge failure and were reminded of that. A highway bridge under construction had collapsed due to an engineering error... These mistakes seem to happen every once in a while. It makes you wonder how safe are all the other bridges one crosses every day... My heart goes out to the ones involved in the terrible accident.