Monday, March 26, 2018

West Summerland Key

I am acutely aware of the next hurricane season which starts in a couple of months.

West Summerland Key, near Bahia Honda is still wrecked of course from Hurricane Irma.
I still miss the lush greenery from years past, seen here with Cheyenne enjoy the shade.
The stumps of the trees are sprouting leaves in a pathetic way.
As it was:
As it is since last September:
Next to the Seven Mile Bridge we have Veterans Memorial Park. As was:
As is:
The park is closed but I saw some people frolicing in the waters of the park last week.Good for them.


Anonymous said...

The new photos are not showing up for me, either on PC or iPad. :(

Conchscooter said...

weird I see them all so I shall see what I can do.

KWBound said...

I couldn't see the new pics either. Thought it was just my device, but I guess not.