Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Perfect Saturday In Rehab

Friday night saw me grumpy in bed. My wife was coming down Highway One bringing the love dog with her when a failed passing attempt I believe at Mile Marker 72, near Duck Key, foiled her. 

It gets to be annoying for many reasons living along a single access road but this sort of nonsense, in low season no less, is doubly frustrating. No one died but the helicopter landed on the bridge to get a car occupant to Miami in a hurry. I didn’t envy her the flight...

As always with Facebook the details of what and why are absent. The pertinent news is that traffic was badly stalled for hours and I did not get to see dog or wife. I did get to speak by electric telephone with the wife. The dog was incommunicado.  Grr. I felt sorry for myself. 

I received word Saturday the highway was open and a second expedition was en route for my relief. I had a nice long chat with a friend. We sorted the world out and each other, a call that restored my equanimity and prepared me to meet my small brown bundle of love. It was actually pretty cool being able to get from bed to chair using a plank only. No more Hoyer Lift. I got this picture from my wife who witnessed my first attempts: 

She rolled me out to the courtyard where the breeze was blowing and Rusty ran around chewing grass and sticking his head in bushes. We sat in companionable silence and read, dropping comments on the news of the day into the peace of a bright warm Fall afternoon in South Florida.  It was pretty darned pleasant let me say. 

A neighbor of mine, Sonny who I’ve met and encouraged in rehab came out pushed by his devoted mother.  It was great. We traded war stories about coping with hospitals as only survivors can. It’s a small select group of us that knows the misery of ICU and the pain of recovery. My wife and his mother chatted about the vicissitudes of supporting patients in these strange circumstances.  It was good. 

I don’t know how you spent your Saturday but as odd as it sounds I don’t envy you.


CalHoosier said...

I was thrilled to see you moving and watching Rusty around something green. That is definitely a kind of therapy only dog lovers understand. I originally started following you not just because of Key West but because of your adventures with Cheyenne. May each day bring you closer to new discoveries with Rusty!

Celia Bowman said...

Glad to see Layne and Rusty were able to arrive for your time together. Bruces grandparents used a table leaf to move her from her wheelchair to the car,etc after she had polio soon after their marriage. They ran a telephone exchange from their home in Stockton in the old days.

Denise Phillips said...

I haven't checked in for a while. I think I was scared to! I am so glad you are progressing. I have been praying for you and I hope your healing comes faster than expected.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful day and a great visit with your loved ones. Good to see how well you’re doing. Keep up the good (and strenuous) work. Best, Michigan.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

As a longtime lurker on your excellent blog, I had to write and commend you on your great attitude dealing with such an unfortunate experience. Your positive thoughts and determination to push thru the challenges you're facing certainly will get you back to your normal life much sooner.

I salute you and wish you well in your recovery, may it go sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

did you folks notice how he deleted all the comments making reference to his weight and his quest for health. wow----fantasy land

Conchscooter said...

I don’t really understand the hatred not the need to troll but go ahead.
Being fat bothers me a lot less than it bothers you. Before this experience I had
never been to hospital and I took no medications. I sha return to that after this
is over. You will still be hate filled anonymous and I have no idea why.