Thursday, March 14, 2019

Secure Socket Layer

In order to comply with search engine security I’ve had to add an S to the address of this web site. I’m told that it will forward automatically and if it doesn’t you may not be able to read this note. 

It seems secure websites are now required even though nothing is asked of you for this page. This isn’t a commercial site obviously and up till now I was allowed to continue without this extra expense.  Now I am no longer allowed to.  Sigh. I expect the newer TLS Transport Layer Certificate will cost even more. 


Evan said...

Would you be able to use rather than purchased one?

RichardM said...

Google offers it free since and it’s for the convenience of your viewers. Sometime soon, there would be a warning page that they would have to acknowledge when visiting an non-https page. So by making your page “secure”, you’re saving us having to click through an extra page.

Conchscooter said...

And my work computer wont open non secure pages so no office browsing! I have two years now to find out about free anything so I'll look into google. thanks