Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mangrove Walk With Dog

Combine this with a cool easterly breeze and you have a perfect walk to end a long work night.
 I still see people online apologizing for crappy phone photos. I left my big camera in the car and used my iPhone 8 for a change.
 I had fun mixing up the compositions and the filters. Apple gives the filters weird names too, like "Vivid Warm' which I find intriguing. Or  "Vivid Cool" for a change.

 A rising sun helps give some dramatic colors too.
 Next day on Summerland Key Rusty was on form exploring.
 I was still waving my iPhone about.
 We sat together for a while enjoying the day.

 And at the end of Niles Channel Road I got all artistic with the black and white filter. 

 I think we had some good walks.


K P in VT said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's not the bike, it's the skill of the rider that matters.

Anonymous said...

Michael - I think, on average, your I phone photos are better than your fancy camera photos. It doesn't have to do with the filters, but rather with composition. They always seem to have more personality. It is if you are more as one with it, somehow.

Steve Williams said...

The iPhone makes great photos. It's the photographer not the camera that counts.

Your photos have gotten better and better. Must be a result of your "forced" slowing down in life.

Hope all is well.


Conchscooter said...

thank you all. I work on my photography by reading and thinking about stuff. I loo at ten year old posts and cringe a bit I admit. I also think digital has improved a lot.