Friday, May 24, 2019

Simonton and Truman

Every time I walk down Simonton Street at Olivia I see this funky old place perfectly illuminated and every time I try to capture it, if my impatient dog gives me time enough.
This place further up the street toward Truman Avenue caught my eye with all those wheelchairs to rent, and it provoked unhappy memories of my time wheeling myself around.
I was not interested in buy the motorcycle for sale but I did wonder how many strong people it took to manhandle it up onto that cement platform:
The St Mary's catholic church complex on Truman Avenue puts me in mind of Christian missionary churches I've seen in Africa, and I'm not sure if I can put my finger on exactly why that comparison springs to my mind.  Perhaps a combination of architecture and plants fertilized by the hot tropical night air.
The county building on Simonton Street is called the Gato building after the cigar making family that had a factory there. They moved to Tampa to reduce costs and the county now makes use of the Gato Building to house some offices.
 Conch cottage:
 Rusty silhouetted by the dawn on Catherine Street:
 A scooter with an ice chest work boots and hard hat ready to go. The ultimate commuter.
On our way out of town Rusty and I on White Street met  a posse of chickens near the pier who answered the age old question about why the chicken crossed the street.
This lot didn't. They just stood there.


gina in alabama said...

Maybe "colonial tropical ecclesiastical" is close to a style for the Church on Truman? Its quite different to the Cathedral in St. Augustine which feels more Old School Spanish Empire to me. St. Mary's Star of the Sea is much airier.

Cees Klumper said...

I have regular thoughts of Africa, that I visit regularly, in Florida (for example, the 'Free HIV test clinic' along Dixie Highway near/in Homestead) and in Los Angeles where every morning on my way to work I pass a large elementary school that is built exactly like, including the buildings, fences and gates, as so many schools in African cities like Nairobi, Kampala, Niger, Bangui, Yaounde, Kigali and so on. I mean identical vibe. And there are many semi-industrial areas in Los Angeles that look exactly like similar districts in Africa. But then Haiti's Port-au-Prince and even Turkey's Istanbul also have a lot of outward similarities to Africa.

Anonymous said...

The conch cottages at night always evoke thoughts of a southern novel. Is it the small houses in ‘to kill a mockingbird ‘? Whatever it is, the pictures are always appreciated. The chickens refusal to move made me laugh. Don’t think Rusty was amused. Michigan.