Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Venture Out

The neighborhood is the usual stilt homes, gravel yards, coconut palms and boats on trailers. The sort of keys living you can't get in an urban area like Key West. These are the suburbs in the Keys.
Spanish Main is  a  wide street running dead due south from US One at around Mile Marker 23, and it is marked by the vast trailer park  behind the fence alongside Spanish Main. They call the place Venture Out.
All the streets around here are named foe swashbuckling Caribbean adventurers of myth and history. Pirates are memorialized on street names like Long Ben, Hawkins, Teach and Drake. My motorcycle accident last August took place at the intersection of US One and Cutthroat Lane. Go figure. 
In winter they walk up and down Spanish Main do the residents of Venture Out with their dogs, it's a social scene. Luckily for me Rusty isn't sociable so he likes going out and checking smells left behind.
Venture Out has a couple of hundred trailers and some stilt homes as well and offers all the amenities you might expect from a  resort, sports, docks, a marina and a pool. The interesting thing about Venture Out is that it is the only place in Monroe County (outside Key West) which can offer legal short term rentals, which is to say homes for rent for less than 28 days. In an effort to preserve residential neighborhoods Monroe County has banned short term rentals but this piece of private property is not covered by the ban.
Of course because we are talking the Keys here, what might be a resort elsewhere is a permanent residence for many working people who try to live in these expensive islands. That they allow pets is a huge advantage too. 
Trailers and mobile homes are especially vulnerable to hurricanes and their residents are among the first to be asked to evacuate. With good reason. This was Ohio Key RV park after Hurricane Irma:
 Snowbirds live at Venture Out too and their spots are left occupied by mobile homes that don't move:
Hoping for a quiet hurricane season this year on Spanish Main...Not like this, please:


Naomi said...

We actually stayed at Venture out while on vacation a few years back. The home we stayed in was quite nice and we would stay there again. 9 days in the Keys wasn't enough for me, I'm hoping to come back for a month, over the rough winter we will surely have in Wisconsin this year. Cannot wait to visit again!

Conchscooter said...

Well there's a named storm in the Atlantic already, a month before hurricane season officially starts and four months before the season peaks so I wonder what kind of summer we might have. Irma did not do Cudjoe Key any good at all.

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