Friday, June 7, 2019

White To Whitehead

Summer in Key West, parking is available, heat as blanket, locals rule.
I rather liked the image of the speedster wheelchair. That's what I'd have liked had I been unable to get back on my feet:
Poetry in public places, Whitehead at Greene:
The water tank used to power Key West by steam:
Another view of the vast cylinder, from Front Street near Margaritaville:
Opportunities abound:
A pigeon in a palm:
Margaritaville Resort Marina. I used to sail boats for hire out of here when it was the Westin:
People say there are fewer poinciana trees than in years past. It must be so but there are still some flamboyants flaming red:
Whitehead Street tourists shops designed for eager cruise ship passengers:
Key West all to myself (and Rusty). Lovely.


Anonymous said...

Summer in key west looks exactly as summer should. It looks peaceful and tranquil. I’m sure it even smells like summer. I love that the locals ‘rule’. As it should be. Enjoy, Michigan.

Conchscooter said...

Mostly that is true!