Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Truman Waterfront

I wanted to look at the sea so I took a drive by Truman Waterfront just to see how it all looked. No change, as you might expect but I enjoyed watching the activity on the water.
This enterprising young couple were more interested in each other. They are sitting on benches lined up on the Inner Mole. The seawall across the water is the Outer Mole and the water in between is the Navy Basin. Apparently the cement was quite hot as their bare feet couldn't take it when they finally got up. It was a scorcher.
I visited the Ingham Coast Guard ship almost exactly four years ago: LINK. I wasn't too keen to go back onboard, like I said he heat is debilitating. The floating museum is tied up at the Inner Mole of the Navy Basin.
The Police Department's boat was keeping en eye on things in the harbor. Sunset Key is in the background:
 Somebody has to keep the place clean, even in this heat.
 I took advantage of the rather nice water fountain to refill Rusty's water bottle in the car.
I thought this was the police boat patrolling bu on closer inspection it's the Coast Guard. Lots of activity in the harbor!
 There was a nice breeze blowing which spread the red and white  State of Florida flag alongside the dark blue Conch Republic flag flying on the Ingham.
And no, the riders in the sky were not landing on the roof on Sunset Key. It's just a perspective illusion:
 I took this picture of a house inside Truman Annex but overlooking the waterfront:
 And finally a glimpse of the splendid new water display to keep the family cool on a hot summer day. It looked excellent.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Glad to see the Ingham is still afloat and doing well. I was commissioned as a Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer onboard her in a ceremony 1 January 2004 while she was still at Charleston, SC Patriots Point museum. Special memory.

I donated my Chief Petty Officer hat to the museum after the ceremony because the Chief's Mess onboard had a CPO uniform and no hat. Next time I'm in Key West I'll have to go on board and visit my hat. :c)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful city no matter the time of year. Thanks for sharing.

Conchscooter said...

That's a great story. The Ingham is well worth a visit even for the hatless as it has preserved the flavor and style of life aboard in a vivid and understandable way. And the ship has a remarkable history of service all the way back to World War Two when it was in the thick of it.
Key West is beautiful and many year round residents prefer summer to winter - I do for easier traffic and hot ocean water...because I'm not a fan of being cold!